Monday, 28 January 2013

Monday 28th January

I have this habit of waking up at stupid times of the night regardless of how much or little sleep I've had.. it's very annoying!
I made myself a hot lemon squash, which is my alternative to having tea as I like to keep my HE A choice for other things. In last night's case, that was me and my cheese addiction. I had 2 20g mild cheese sticks ( 1 as part of my HE A with a dash of milk for 1 cup of tea tonight and 1 was synned - 4 syns). I also tried a Mug Shot that I'd never tried before - Tikka with Pasta (1 syn). I'm not really keen on the noodle ones. I have to say the tikka wasn't my thing but I tried it and can safely say that I don't like it. After my splurge, I decided I'd go back to bed.
I woke up alive and feeling very positive about life, me, my weight loss and the challenges that lay ahead of me.
I had a lovely fruit salad for breakfast ( banana, clementine, plum, pineapple, apple, pear and grapes) with an Activia 0% pineapple yogurt on top! I love pineapple!! I love fruit :)

As I said yesterday, I planned on trying out one of my new exercise DVDs for a bit of variety. I tried the Biggest Loser: The Workout. I have to say it's a little advanced for me and the size of me. Once I've trimmed down a few stone, I can try that one again. It looks good and they have a set plan to help you get to your 'ideal weight'. It's just not for me right now. So, that DVD came out and instead went back to what I know and did my normal exercise DVD - Rosemary Conley Ultimate Body Workout. I feel completely comfortable with it. So did 30 mins on that, which is the first section. Tomorrow, I'll do 50 minutes - section 1 and 2. I need to get as much on as I can before Wednesday.
I also decided that I would go out and pound the road. I walk to start, build up to a light jog, to a slight run and then slow down and back to walking again and start the process again. I did 20 mins of that. I would normally have done more but the sky decided it was time to rain so I finished up and came home. Boy was I knackered when I got home!
I have to say that I always feel good after I've done it - regardless of whether it's just the DVD or the outdoor work or both. I always regret it if I don't do it. Who can say they have ever regretted exercising? No-one! I feel amazing tonight. I did have a little nap though hehe!
After my nap, I made some lunch. I really fancied something naughty - but not that kind of naughty! I made myself a mini fry-up SW-style! I had fried egg (done in fry light), lean bacon (all visible fat removed), beans and 2 slices of wholemeal 400g bread (HE B choice). I have to say that I have always loved my fry-ups... and look at where they got me! To be able to still have them with a few changes to how they are cooked is amazing! I have one at least twice a week. I can't get enough! It's all syn free! :)

Tonight, I'm having spaghetti bolognese..another big yum!! All free again!! Lean mince, mushroom, onion, plum tomatoes and spaghetti :)

I thought that I would also share with you my motivation board. I created this when I started again. It's a reminder of all I accomplished the first time and my SW role model's before and after pictures. Harriet Evans is proof that bigger girls like me can do it, lose all their excess weight, hit their target and look AMAZING! One day, that WILL be me! I can guarantee it! This hangs above the computer desk so that I can see it when I walk in the room and especially when sat here!

Syns for today: 1 syn for Tikka Mug Shot, 4 syns for extra cheese and 5 syns for a bag of Ryvita Minis. 10 in total.
T-minus 2 days to WI and 12 days til my bday and mini target!

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