Sunday, 27 January 2013

Sunday 27th January - Part 2!

I woke up this morning and made myself a scrummy fruit salad (plum, grapes, apple, pear and pineapple) with syn free Activia 0% vanilla yogurt for breakfast!

I had planned on going for a walk/jog (my walk a bit, jog a bit method) but the day just didn't go that way. I did a load of housework instead though. I know it wouldn't have made up for the walk but I didn't really have a choice. 
Today was a first for me, I opened up my Slimming World cooking to 5 people. My mum, sister, gran and my sister's friend plus myself. I did a whole roast dinner on 5 syns! I'm very proud of that. We had roast chicken, roast potatoes (cooked in frylight), low fat sausages wrapped in bacon, stuffing balls, brussel sprouts, carrots and gravy and for dessert, we had baked apples with mincemeat (Healthy Extra B choice) and syn free Activia 0% Mango yogurt. I was stuffed after all that!! 
This evening, I started to feel a little peckish so I had a tuna pasta salad with onion, sweetcorn, pepper and baby plum tomatoes. 

For my Healthy Extra A choice, I opted for cheese over milk. So I have my cheese sticks already pre-weighed and munched on that. Was lovely! I miss my cheese! 

Syns today: 5 from lunch ( 2 syns for the sausage, 2 syns for the stuffing and 1 for the gravy), 1 syn for Tikka Mug Shot, 5 syns for bag of Ryvita Minis and 3 syns for a large chocolate chip Snack-A-Jack. 

Today I also created myself a new background picture for my computer. A few SW successes before and afters, some motivational phrases and the odd SW mention... now every time I'm sat here, I can see all the people that have gone from fat to thin and it will help me keep on track. 

Tomorrow is a brand new day! The snow from around the area is now gone, thanks to the rain we had last night! wooohooo!! So I will be back pounding the path. I treated myself to some different exercise DVDs last week as I already do one but I want a bit more variety. Going to try one of those out too. 

T-Minus - 3 days to weigh in!! Come on me, I can get the 2lb loss that I want this week, so that next week, I have 2.5lbs to lose to hit my 4.5lb loss goal that will see me 1st lighter for my birthday in 13 days! Eeeeeeeeeeek!! 

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