Thursday, 31 January 2013

Thursday 31st January

I didn't blog yesterday as I wanted to see how I did on the scales last night before checking in.
I went along with full confidence and couldn't wait to jump on them scales! To find that I've put 1.5lbs on! Mucho upset! 
It has been explained to me that due to all the exercise, my body is storing water and more than likely, I'm losing inches rather than lbs. Still left feeling like I'd done something wrong and that I could've prevented it. Then part of me thought about my mini bday target and it left me feeling worse as now I have to not only lose 4.5lbs but also the 1.5lbs that I have put on this week. I've got the biggest uphill climb to conquer - 6lbs has to come off next week to keep me on track for it... it's nigh on impossible! 
On the other hand, I can't let this beat me. If I let it win and I slip, it's me that's going to pay the ultimate price in the end. So I have to find a way to pick myself up, dust myself off and keep going. I'm in this for the long haul! 
As a positive from last night, I did gain my Bronze Body Magic award. That gave me a little boost. At the end, I had a lovely lady asking me for advice on exercise and how Body Magic works. That made me feel very good! 
So today is the start of a new week and I have to remain focused! Got a long walk ahead of me today (not part of my exercise regime) so that will make me feel good. Exercise seems to do that - good old endorphins  kicking in. 1 helping of natural anti-depressant for me! 


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