Monday, 18 March 2013

The return... 18/03/2013

Hey girls.. (and guys if there's any out there)

I know long time, no post but things have been rocky and I almost gave up on SW and myself. I had 2 good weeks where I lost weight and then unexpectedly, I put on 2lbs when I needed it off for my stone award. I was very upset and didn't know what to do with myself. I was ready to quit. I wasn't getting the weight losses that I wanted and felt like enough was enough. 
My SW class members gee'd me up and told me not to give up. So, instead of feeling sorry for myself and eating like a pig, I went back to absolute basics. Food diary came out, a talk with my mum about food happened and I refocused and hard. 
I stopped exercising a few weeks ago due to the weight that it seemed to put on me and never leave. It was the best decision I ever made. I didn't expect that it would change anything but I thought I would give the plan a try without actual exercise. I still walked but no Rosemary Conely or Zumba or anything like that. Funnily enough, it worked! I lost weight.. no exercise helped me lose weight!!!!!
So, I did as I had been doing, no exercise teamed with a refocused me and a food diary and I went for it...
Last week, I lost 5lbs!! and got that stone award that I have been so longing for!! I actually cried. I couldn't stop myself. It had been a hard journey to that first stone. I hope that the next one isn't going to be as hard. No doubt it will be but very worth it. 
This week so far, I have been brilliant. Eaten lots of free foods and limited my syns as much as I could but not lower than 5. I have found that although I'm not having all of my syns that I am full and not in need of anything else by the end of the day. I'd say for me that was a plus and not a minus. 

Mum and I are trying out new recipes and foods.. some were amazing and others weren't but at least we tried them out. We had a paella, fish in sauce and a new way of doing lasagna... the paella was nice and would have been nicer for me with normal size prawns and not king prawns. I just kept imagining them with heads and they seemed slightly crunchy to me.. yuck!!! The fish in sauce was disgusting.... I never want to put anything like that near my mouth again. It was smoked haddock in a cheese sauce from Morrisons. Gross!! I'm not a huge fish person.. the smell is enough to put me off usually. I thought that I would give it a try though. If it wasn't for the fact that I was hungry by the time we ate, I would've left it. I ate it ALL and swore never to eat it again. The lasagna topping separated and went everywhere. I think it may have been the fact the cheese is light and therefore, lacks substance that sticks to the top of the pasta or something. 
This week has been pasta and potato-ful and lots of cottage cheese, that I have only started eating since starting up again because it's free and it's the only cheese I can eat without ruining my whole day by scoffing it like there's no tomorrow hehe!! I'd be a mouse if I could!! hehehe!! I used to eat it when I was much younger and stopped because I didn't like the taste... now I can't get enough hehe!! 

Tried making SW rice pudding... TWICE!! HUGE FAIL!! The first attempt boiled dry and couldn't rescue it... second attempt, I got it to the right consistency but the rice wasn't 100% cooked... added more water and let it do its thing... the rice was better so took it off the heat... what I didn't know was that it continued cooking..even off the heat and it boiled dry!!! AGAIN!! I have given up on making that for now until I have a bit more patience and lots more pudding rice hehe!! 
All pics are of food that I have had over the last week or 2.. :)

I would like to stick a little bit of a mention and a thank you in to a group of SW goers (The 2 Karens, Claire, Nat, Dawn and Rachel), my SW group and my consultant, Kelley that have all really been a big help recently. Without all of you, I wouldn't still be going. YOU ALL INSPIRE ME!! 
So that's me up to date and signing off for now. I PROMISE more regular posts!! I just need to get my arse in gear hehehe!! 
Hope everyone has a good week and your losses are good! :) 


  1. I'm so pleased you got your longed for stone award and that you've got your head back in the game :)
    Good luck for the next stone award, you can do it ;) xx

    1. Thanks Michelle. I have been really struggling but I have refocused now. Fingers crossed for a loss this week and a good one! 6lbs to my 1.5 stone :D xx