Friday, 15 February 2013

15th February '13

Hi Everyone!

Sorry I went a bit AWOL!
Last week was very tough for me. I maintained on the scales and I don't know. I got frustrated with myself after everything. One weigh-in night treat turned into a week of whatever the hell I wanted. Every day I would say to myself that I would get back on track and something would come along and pull me down.
I had my birthday. I was supposed to go out on my birthday with 'my guy' but it turned out that he had other ideas - we broke up. Less said about him and my birthday, the better so I will move on. By this point, I was so upset with myself that I took all my motivation down. Everything. I was lost. Motivation gone. I ate myself into oblivion. I didn't care about the diet, exercising or anything.
So when this weeks weigh-in came around, I was nervous. I imagined that I'd probably put on all the weight that I had took off since starting this journey. I stepped on the scales and found that I'd maintained AGAIN! I felt a slight bit of relief but still unhappy with how things were going. I expect that I will pay for last weeks food binge next week and I will be ready for it.
My consultant gave me some SAS logs to fill out for the week and hopefully I can identify what's going on with what I'm eating. Something isn't right. The exercise hasn't helped. AT ALL! I'm going back to basics this week and taking the exercise a bit easy. See if I can lose anything without it. I never had any of these issues before when I did it. None of them and I was doing much my exercise that I have been doing this time around and less food too. I'm eating all that I should be. I'm not cheating or going over my syns unless I'm doing it flexi. I'm really unmotivated.
I have recommitted myself this week. I've got the logs and eating as much fruit and veg as I can possibly get in me and drinking more water than a waterfall. So fingers crossed that I don't get effected too much by last week.
Yesterday's menu:
Breakfast : 2 wholemeal slices, 2 fried eggs (in frylight) and baked beans
Lunch: Tuna Salad (tomatoes, carrot, cucumber, lettuce, white cabbage and red onion)
Dinner: Lean mince in gravy and mashed potato.

Healthy A: 125ml Semi Skimmed/20g Light Cheddar
Healthy B: 2 Wholemeal slices

Snacks: 2 Mugshots

1 - Chicken Mugshot
1 - Tomato Mugshot
4 - 2 tblspns of Heinz Light Salad Cream
1.5 - Gravy Powder
7.5 syns! (7.5 saved)

Today's menu:
Breakfast: 2 weetabix, 250ml Semi Skimmed
Lunch: Tuna Salad (2 eggs, lettuce, tomatoes, onion, potatoes, carrot, pasta, fat free fromage frais)
Dinner: Chicken Stirfry (Yum!)

Healthy A: 250ml Semi Skimmed
Healthy B: 2 Weetabix

                                                                                    Snacks: Vanilla & Choc Muller Light
Veg Pasta Surprise (potato, pasta, carrot, brussel sprouts, green beans and cauliflower in veg stock and herbs, boiled down and mashed up)

Syns so far:
3 - 2 Laughing Cow Light triangles


  1. Hi Nicola, did you have your 1/3 veg with your mince and mash yesterday, looks like you were doing E/E and at breakfast.? I'm not sure but I think you have to have a 1/3 with each meal xx
    sorry to read about your upsets. x

  2. Sorry to hear you had a rubbish time. I hope you're able to get back on track. Here's to a good loss at your next weigh in :) xx