Friday, 1 February 2013

Friday 1st February

It's 1st Feb, a new month, new start!
Yesterday was all a bit up in the air. Having had a bad night on Wednesday, I completely lost all my focus. I was doing the food optimizing but I was hardly eating. I ate randomly. The only meal I ate was dinner last night and picked throughout the day. I know it wasn't a good thing to do but it got me through the day. 
During the day yesterday, I went and bought some water balance tablets to see if there was any way of stopping the build up of water. I'm drinking plenty now so there really should be no need for it to happen. I used some old 1ltr bottles to fill up with water and a little squash to keep me going through the day. 
As for exercise yesterday, I planned no actual exercise as in jogging or anything but I did have to go out and spent loads of energy walking around town for an hour and a half. So I can safely say that I exercised! 
The muscles in my groin are all better now. I just needed rest and to keep going at a slower pace. I won't be doing that again.. I hope! Annoying!
So last night's meal was mince and mashed potato - yummy! 
I had all of my syns yesterday and a few over. I know, I mustn't sabotage myself but I really fancied Sunbites so I had them. 

Today is a new day and I have started with optimism and renewed determination. Although, I'm feeling a little headachy and bit off balance... not sure what that's about. 
This morning, I had 2 fried eggs (done in fry light) on 2 slices of wholemeal 400g bread (HE B choice) and 1 tblspn of tomato sauce. 
The weather doesn't look nice out there. It has been raining through the night and still lightly raining now. Is that going to stop me putting on my coat, trainers and upbeat music? NO! I'm just letting my breakfast settle and then I'm going out there. Wish me luck!

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