Saturday, 2 February 2013

Saturday 2nd February - updated!

So after my lovely walk/jog in the rain yesterday, I came home and... THE RAIN STOPPED! Just typical!
For my lunch yesterday, I had a tuna pasta salad with onion, pepper, carrot, peas, sweetcorn as well as tuna and pasta obviously...hehe! All free and made loads!!

While that was all cooking, I cut up some potato, courgette, carrot, pepper, and onion and sprayed it all with frylight and shoved it in the oven for roasted vegetables later on. Was yummy!

My mum and sister came home from work last night with 2 mini cream and strawberry sponges.. I was told I could have some but I resisted and said "when I'm in my skinny jeans and you 2 aren't, you'll regret eating that".. very proud of myself!

For dinner last night, had spaghetti bolognese again. Can't get enough of it!

So Saturday, a new day and I'm ready for it.
I have been drinking plenty of fluids. My made up bottles of squash are coming in very handy! I'm definitely drinking more now that I know that I'm dehydrating my body - hence the water retention.
I'm going to definitely going to push myself today and do as much exercise as I can to build up some sweat. Got a lot of housework to do, will have my daily jog and may even try out a new exercise DVD. On the subject of new exercise DVDs, has anyone tried the Jillian Michaels' 30 day shred?? I have read some good reviews but I want to hear it from real people, with real weight to lose that have been actively doing it.

Some motivation......
Don't know about food today yet. Not long got up! I know lazy of me! hehe!
Will have some breakfast and let that settle before going out for my walk/jog.

Well I went out and did my bit. The sun is out but it's cold and windy. I pushed myself a little bit by adding a few more sections of jogging. I think I'm getting fitter as I feel like I am able to do more :) Even if the scales don't show how hard I'm working, my body is definitely letting me know. 
I got home and thought that I would try another of the exercise DVDs - Gimme Gimme Gimme: The Workout (to Abba tunes). It looks fun but quite fast paced. I would need to be super fit to keep up with that. So that's gone out the window! Instead, I did 30 mins on my Rosemary Conley. Normally, I wouldn't exercise indoors with anyone here because I don't need their input in how wrong I'm doing it and laughing at my lack of co-ordination or moves. Today, I thought that I would test the theory. I was right not to do it while people are at home with me. Never again! It was off-putting and I was laughed at. 
I'm fully exercised today with 30 mins walk/jog and 30 mins exercise dvd. 
I have drank so much water already today! I feel like a weeble! hehe!
Not really hungry today. I've just managed a minestrone mug shot (a new one for me and didn't like it) and I'm full. I need to eat to maintain my weight loss. I can't force myself as that will make me sick. 
Well, the day didn't exactly go like I had planned. 
For lunch, I had a jacket potato with baked beans and a helping of fat free natural fromage frais. 
The rest of the day just flew by for some reason. I sat watching Birds of a Feather with my family for a looooong time and did little bits of housework inbetween. 
We had dinner really late last night but was ready for it when it came!
Had chicken breast, mashed potato (with 1 tsp of flora light and 1oz semi skimmed milk, between 3 of us), carrots and sweetcorn. 
I headed straight to bed pretty much straight away afterwards. Took those water tablets and fell asleep :)

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