Sunday, 3 February 2013

Sunday 3rd February

I have a new resolve on me today. I'm starting again. I feel like I have let myself slip a little and I don't like that feeling. So, I have decided that I will be 100% focused on everything. Plenty of exercise and superfree foods.
I'm even considering Success Express plan from SW. It's supposed to help boost your weightloss. Although it's not really designed for a long time thing. A week or 2 at most. For those not familiar with it...
Your plates have to be 1/3 free foods and 2/3 superfree foods and then you syn all the things that aren't neutral e.g. meat on red or pasta on green etc. When synning food, you go for the HIGHEST syn value. It looks like a good plan! So from Thursday, I think I will give that a go for a week and see if it makes a difference to my weight loss. 
I have to say that today I'm feeling particularly fat, bloated and yuck! My mind is telling me that this week, I'm going to put on. I know it can be a self-fulfilling prophecy but it's also a motivator for me. I've agreed with my brain that if I do put on, that I'm NOT to get upset because I knew but I'll re-affirm my commitment the next week. There are plenty of weeks left of my journey to lose the lbs in chunks. If I don't put on and I do manage to lose or maintain, I'll know that all the water and the tablets are working. BIG PLUS!
So on with today, I was up in the middle of the night AGAIN! I munched my way through a 60g bag of roast chicken fridge raiders (2.5 syns), 3 Alpen light bars ( 2 as my HE B choice and 1 synned at 3 syns) and a pack of ham. I must have been hungry! I drifted back off to sleep all content and happy! That is one of my hazard areas - eating in the middle of the night. I go for anything I can get my hands on regardless of the syns. Luckily, there's no chocolate or crisps or anything in the kitchen or I would really be in trouble. 
I'm going to go out for my walk/jog soon and come back and have fruit and yogurt for my breakfast.
I have a potential danger area tonight - some Sundays, we go to my grans for dinner. She isn't really up with the SW plan. She's a skinny mini and eats what she wants. So, the rest of my syns for today are going to be saved for that (9.5 syns) 

well I went out for my walk/jog and immediately felt better when I got back! I was considering doing some Rosemary Conley but my mum needed help around the house today. So I gave the place a thorough cleaning - hoovering, dusting, mopping, tidying, putting away. I was definitely sweaty afterwards! All spotless now and 1 happy mummy! 
I had a cup of tea with a dash of milk and a 20g mild cheddar cheese stick (HE A choice) and a roast chicken Mug Shot. 
I've also prepared and in the process of cooking dinner tonight for my family (my mum, sister, gran) and me. We are having roast beef, roast potatoes (done in frylight), parsnips, carrots, sprouts, gravy (1 syn) and a yorkshire pud (4 syns)! omnomnom! Don't know what's happening for pudding yet but I have 4.5 syns left to munch something nice! :) I think I'll have fruit, Hartley's 10% mango and passion fruit jelly (o.5 syns) and an Activia 0% fat fat free mango yogurt :) my mouth is watering already. Still got an hour before the main dinner is ready! hehe! 

This evening, I think I will get an early night and dream of being slim and cavorting with my really hot, gorgeous man in my new slim body lol!! 


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