Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Tuesday 5th February

1 day to weigh-in.. I'm so nervous. I have let the gain from last week, really affect me this week. Not in a really bad way, where I've eaten anything I wanted and gone off the rails but in a mental way. I have really worried about what I've eaten, what exercise I should or shouldn't do, amount of fluids I've drank. It's really got under my skin that after working so hard, I put weight on. I understand why and this week, I've taken measures to try and see it not happen again. My brain is still asking the same questions. It won't stop. After tomorrow, it won't be mentioned again. I promise! I need to know if I've done the same this week or I've actually lost some.
Well last night's dinner - syn free chilli con carne and rice! I'm not a big rice fan. I never have been. I'm more of a pasta person. Do you find that? or are you the opposite?
I didn't sleep well again. This is a re-occurring thing. I'm not worried - I've been dealing with it for a long time and still never fails to really royally pee me off. Ugh! On a brighter note, it appears no ill-effects from yesterday's extra exercise. BONUS!
Today is going to be a lazy day. I don't want it to be because the sun is out, looks really nice out like it was yesterday. I have been entrusted with a parcel to be picked up by the couriers at some point between 8am and 6pm.. so I have to wait in like I have nothing else to do til it's been taken. BOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Hoping that it will go soon though as I don't like starting my walk after the primary school next door kicks out at 3pm. I get very embarrassed and all the cars blocking the road like a car park, all the people crowded outside and mums with big pushchairs all blocking the pathways makes it a very hazardous way to walk. I like peace, quiet and calm when I walk so I can concentrate. Although, there is a very small chance that I may go out later in the day before my family gets home if it hasn't been picked up by 3.
As for food today, I started with hot weetabix and milk (both A and B choices) and I also synned a 20g mild cheddar stick (6 syns).. damn that cheese! luckily, there's only one left! once they're gone, they're gone...!!
I decided on an early lunch today because I was peckish. I had 2 eggs (done in frylight), lean bacon, chilli potatoes (coated in frylight and chilli powder and then dry fried) and spaghetti hoops.. omnomnomnomnomnom!! Was lovely!!
I have planned a tuna pasta salad for later on - really looking forward to that :)

More Later!!

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