Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Wednesday 6th February

Well today wasn't expected at all but it has been BRILLIANT!
After all the trouble with the couriers yesterday and then not turning up, I was supposed to wait in all day again like I had nothing better to do. I had to make a choice. Stay in, mope and do nothing or go to the Zumba class that I mentioned yesterday.. So I thought, SOD IT! I thought about it and decided that if the courier came, I'd run home and deal with it but if he didn't come while I was out, bonus. I want to say a big thanks to my friend, Dave for making me see the light and the silver lining.
At 9.05 this morning, I was running round the flat trying to get myself ready and get a bag together to go to Zumba for a 9.15 start. I got there and felt my nerves bubbling up. I looked around and saw that I wasn't in a room filled with skinny, athletic types and started to relax. As the music started, I felt great. I couldn't help but smile. For my first time, I don't think I did that bad :) I loved it! I mostly kept up and I felt so good afterwards :) Definitely going back for more!
I came out of there, came home having not seen the courier....
I checked my emails and found that I have a job interview! My day went from brilliant to amazing!!! My first interview in a while for a good job :) Looking forward to that!
The courier arrived at 1pm for the parcel so I hadn't missed him this morning :)
So it came to this evening and I thought that because I've upped my exercise that I might gain weight again. I didn't. I maintained and I am happy with that. Next week is going to be my week for a loss! I just know it!
After all the excitement of today, I'm knackered so just a short post tonight. Back to full strength tomorrow!

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